Cardboard Recycling

Envirogreen Recycling buys baled  paper, cardboard and newspapers at top prices.

We are able to provide  paper and cardboard collection  and recycling services to customers in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Stop paying to dispose of your paper and cardboard, Envirogreen Recycling will buy your baled  paper and cardboard from you at top prices and your rebate  is paid directly into your bank account, making things even easier for you.

Unlike our competitors, we track the open market rate for paper and cardboard, meaning that you are always getting the best possible rate (we are the only recycling company in the isle of Ireland to provide this  price tracking service).

Envirogreen Recycling is different fromt he rest, we actively work with  customers to reduce their waste costs and make real savings. When we form a relationship with a client we are in it for the long term and are always available for help you cut your waste costs.

We also accept loose cardboard in our facility and will provide a rebate to clients dropping off cardboard.

The cardboard  and paper we recycle is:

  • Cardboard Boxes (e.g.  cereal boxes)
  • Cardboard Packaging
  • Cardboard Cores
  • Multi-grade paper (from printers)
  • Sorted Office Waste Paper (such as copier paper,white letter, plain envelopes)
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Over Issue Newspapers

So go on, help your business remain competitive in these recessionary times. Sell your baled paper and cardboard to envirogreen recycling today.

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Don’t let your packaging go to waste!


We provide a  paper and cardboard recycling service in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Cardboard and Paper is collected using our recycling vehicles and lorries. It is also left into us by members of the public and waste companies as we buy it at a top price.

Once the material is weighed on site, it is then taken into our recycling facility whereby the bales the bales of cardboard broken up and sorted by grade into various bays. Multiple sorts take place to ensure a high quality grade material

The paper and cardboard is then transferred to our baler whereby it is baled into bales ranging from 600kg to800kg bales. The bales of cardboard are then loaded into a container and are taken to our partners paper mill in mainland  Europe.

Once it reaches the paper mill, the cardboard and paper is screened, de- inked and then is pulped and is now ready to be made into new paper products such as newsprint, recycled cardboard boxes (used in cereal boxes and  toilet rolls  tubes to name a few.

It takes less than a week from collection, for the cardboard and paper to be made into new recycled products. Next time you buy a newspaper, check to see if it is made from recycled material.

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Items you are not sure they can be recycled or not

Pizza Boxes RecyclingAre pizza boxes recyclable

This is an difficult one as pizza boxes themselves are made from old corrugated cardboard (OCC) and by themselves are fully recyclable and capable of being reclaimed. However, the prob lem occurs when the pizza,  wedges etc enter the box and they stain the box itself, leaving remnants of the food in the box, and or oil/grease stains. The oil is detrimental to the cardboard recycling process and can damage the quality of the output. An Envirowise tip is to remove the soiled base and recycle the clean op and/or sides. So at least the majority of the cardboard packaging is salvaged.

Paper Napkins and Serviette Recycling

The napkins themselves yet again are fully capable of being recycled,  however once they have completed their intended job that is where the problem lies, as food contaminants and potentially other hazardous waste prevent them from being recycling.

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