Case Study


Image of Quinn Group LogoWhen we approached the Quinn Group about providing recycling services to the groups companies, they were highly impressed by our service offering. Their previous waste company charged for picking up recyclables, was uncontactable in times of need (during audits).  provided no recycling reports and had no client executive.


  • To reduce waste costs
  • Increase recycling rates and prices paid for recyclables
  • Insert internal recycling receptacles
  • Appoint client executive to deal with the Quinn Group
  • On-site trailer at all times for storage of baled reyclables
  • Fully contactable through various conduits e.g. phone, email and skype
  • Dedicated Response reply rate within 15 mins
  • Collection Response within one day
  • Accountability and traceability at all times, through secure client login
  • Carbon Saving and Reduction Reporting
  • Recycling Targets Set


Since Envirogreen Recycling took as recycling service provider to the Quinn Group, the Quinn Group all the above objectives have been met and more. Recycling rates have increased by 30% average across the various Quinn Companies. Revenue from recyclables has increased two fold and recycling best practices introduced with the company have allowed more staff to get involved in the recycling process.  Envirogreen Recycling have been even starting recycling materials that were previously sent to landfill e.g. pvc pipes and pvc offcuts

Result: Roaring Success