Commercial Mattress Recycling

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Envirogreen Recycling have recently commenced a new mattress recycling that enables commercial customers to recycle their old mattresses rather than pay for expensive skips for them to end up in landfill. Mattress Recycling has many benefits e.g. It enables retailers to sell more beds and mattresses as customers are increasingly looking cheaper and stress free ways of disposing of their old mattresses.

We provide commercial  mattress recycling services to a myriad of clients including

  • Retailers and  Mattress Manufacturers
  • Hotels , B & Bs and Hostels, Guest Houses
  • Care Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Furniture Removal Companies

So if you are one of the above and have mattresses you need recycling, contact Envirogreen Recycling today

It is likely that new legislation will be introduced banning mattresses from landfill. Start recycling your mattresses with Envirogreen

With landfill costs rising and the cost of hiring a skip also increasing can you afford not to recycle your old mattresses, not to mention your customers are looking for alternatives to recycling mattresses.

mattress recycling process

Did you know that there are currently thousands of mattresses being landfilled  in Ireland each year? Each mattress that is landfilled takes up 23 cubic ft of landfill space because they are a very bulky item and are incapable of being compacted.

However, that no longer has to be the case, as mattresses are now capable of being fully recycling by Envirogreen Recycling through our innovative mattress recycling practices. We have designed, engineered and manufactured (using a local engineering firm) a mattress recycling machine that automatically dismantles the components of a mattress.

Mattresses can be a difficult thing to dispose given their light weight and bulky nature, so let Envirogreen Recycling take the hassle out of mattress recycling for you today.

We provide all of our retail clients  with unique points of sale to demosntrate to customers they are recycling their mattresses and beds.

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