Confidential Paper Shredding

FREE Confidential Paper Shredding

You longer have to pay for  expensive mobile or off-site shredding

With the increase in fraud and credit card skimming it is imperative that you dispose of your confidential documents in a safe manner. However, confidential shredding does not have to cause a fortune.

We feel so strongly about it that Envirogreen Recycling have introduced a new FREE confidential shredding for all of our clients. It just part  of commitment to  all of our customers to reduce your costs*

Just purchase a tamper proof confidential shredding bag for £3 each and Envirogreen will do the shredding for FREE.

Available to new and existing customers that sell their baled recyclables to Envirogreen Recycling

Shredding Services Available

Secure Document Shredding Service (Confidential Paper shredding service)

Confidential Shredding Services are available in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

What Mobile Shredding Companies Dont want you to Know

Offsite shredding is just as secure if not more secure than mobile shredding as it is shredded under CCTV.

Each bag is sealed and secured.

You receive a certificate of destruction

Envirogreen Recycling offers secure confidential shredding service that offers you peace of mind but at the same time doesn’t hurt your back pocket. Cut out the mobile shredding companies today.