Core Competencies

Envirogreen Recycling was established to shake up the environmental industry.  For too long the small, medium and large companies in Ireland have had to put up with mediocre waste companies treating them unprofessionally. This will no longer be the case. At Envirogreen Recycling  we put our customers first and foremost. We understand the importance in delivering an efficient, timely and professional service. When you contact Envirogreen Recycling, you are automatically in touch with an important team member that will listen to your recycling needs.

Our team members are constantly striving to help our clients in whatever way they can. Some of our clients have asked advice on how to reduce their carbon footprint within some of their industrial practices and we were more than happy to help out.

Don’t accept the so-called one stop solution anymore. Many companies have been promised rebates and reduced waste costs for handling over baled cardboard and plastic and never received the rebates.