Farm Plastics Collection and Farm Plastic Recycling

As farmers are coming under increasing pressure in  this tough economic climate to cut overheads to remain in business, Envirogreen Recycling is currently developing innovative solutions to recycle silage  plastics  i.e. silage wrap and covers and reduce the overall costs associated with the collection of the materials. We are also able to recycle other farm plastics such as fertiliser bags, drums, buckets and twine

  • Farmers can bring their silage plastics to our recycling facility in Coalisland
  • We are also able to provide a farmyard collection

Through our reprocessing partner we are able to provide a low cost closed loop recycling service for farm plastics including silage wraps and covers. We are also able to process fertiliser bags (both small and large) and drums (that are thoroughly washed out with the chemicals removed).

Envirogreen Recycling is redefining recycling standards and the agricultural industry is of no exception. We are working closely with farmers throughout Ireland in a concerted effort to find the ultimate solution reduce overall farm plastic recycling costs. Envirogreen Recycling is delighted to report that we are very close to implementing this new innovative service.

Jpeg of a bale of silage, the silage wrap itself is fully recyclable

Stay tuned for updates