At Envirogreen Recycling, we are fully accountable and transparent in our recycling processes. Below you find the most common questions that we get asked. Hopefully, you find the answer to your question below, but we are always available to answer any queries that you may have. It is all part of our commitment to our customers


What materials does Envirogreen Recycling collect?

Envirogreen Recycling will collect all types of paper, cardboard, plastic and metal.  We also provide  polystyrene collection services.

What type of customers do Envirogreen Recycling collect from?

Envirogreen Recycling recycles and recovers waste materials from a range of different sectors e.g. retail, manufacturing, hospitality, food and drink. We currently only collect from commercial customers and county councils. However, there are plans in the near future to provide our innovative services to residential customers.

How often does Envirogreen Recycling collect?

Envirogreen Recycling provides a bespoke service to meet the requirements of our customer. Depending on storage space and other factors we agree with our clients to provide a scheduled collection at a frequency that suits the customers. For some of clients we collect up to three times a week, other once a week.

Does Envirogreen Recycling collect throughout Ireland?

Yes,  depending on the quantity of recyclables available we are able provide a collection services throughout Ireland. We have customers based throughout Ireland e.g In Donegal, Mayo, Cavan, Dublin, Wexford and many more.


Does Envirogreen Recycling actually pay for recyclables?

Yes, as we are a recycling company and not a waste company we buy cardboard, plastic and from customers throughout Ireland at top prices.

Does Envirogreen Recycling pay top-prices for materials?

Yes, we certainly do. We have managed to secure partnerships with some of the largest reprocessors throughout Europe and subsequently we are able to offer to offer top-prices for recyclables. Our promise to you is, we will beat any genuine quote.

How do you pay?

Payment is paid by BACS into the client’s account at the end of every month.

Can Envirogreen Recycling reduce my waste costs?

We definitely can. Unlike waste management companies that prefer customers to pay for expensive bins and skips, Envirogreen Recycling encourages everyone to recycle all of their waste materials and sell it to us. We also provide a free waste audit to help our clients recycle more.

Can you improve our Recycing rates?

Our team of recycling enthusiasts is more than happy to assist you and provide free advice of the best ways to increase recycling rates.


Are you fully licensed?

Envirogreen Recycling operates a fully licensed materials recovery facility (MRF) and we hold and all-Ireland waste permit. See Compliance section for more details.

Do we receive a breakdown of materials collected?

Our drivers will provide you with a docket outlining the materials andquantity collected.Furthermore, we have introduced an innovative online secureuser account for all clients whereby, all of customers will be able to view and print off. You haven’t received your customer login please contact us now for it