Metal Recycling

Envirogreen Recycling buys all different types of metal for top prices

We are able to provide cages, skips for your metal recycling. We provide a metal recycling service throughout Ireland

We are able to collect, buy and recycle various grades and types of metal – Ferrous Metals (Containing an Iron compound and Non – Ferrous Metals ( metals without any iron compound)

Non – Ferrous Metals                                            Ferrous Metals

Copper                                                                   Iron

Aluminum                                                            Steel




Click here to view non-ferrous grades

Click here to view ferrous grades

e.g. Metal drums, metal piping, reject metal products, Aluminium new clean Brass Copper tanks,  Aluminium old Braziery copper Catalytic converters, Aluminium cast Brass radiators, Gun metal Aluminium radiators Copper radiators, Heavy Copper, Aluminum wheels Household cable, Lead, Armoured cable Irony aluminium Mixed cable, Stainless steel, Dry Bright Copper