Plastic Recycling

We buy and recycle various waste plastic packaging types at top prices

  • Baled ldpe film . It can be natural (clear), coloured or film with stickers or barcodes on it. The film should be free from any contaminants such as food. Ideally it should be dry and separated from other materials.
  • Plastics Bottles – These can be  separated bottles or mixed bottles such as PET bottles and HDPE bottles.
  • PE and PET Strapping – Should be in baled form
  • PVC pipe recycling, uPVC window offcuts recycling
  • Polycarbonate bottles (Water cooler bottles, CDs)
  • HDPE pallets, HDPE crates,  HDPE Broken Wheelie Bins. We also recycle HDPE Drums, HDPE beer and food crates
  • ABS plastics welding reels and ABS car hub caps.
  • Mixed Rigids Plastic Recycling.

Plastics we will collect and recycle for free if significant quantities

  • Polypropylene  – PP buckets, PP crates and PP car bumpers recycling.

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Form & Source of Plastics

  • •  Moulding scrap – Rejects, redundant packaging, over runs, colour changes and
  • •  Purgings/Purge – From colour and material changes
  • •  Utility pipe scrap – Gas, Water, Electric and drainage pipes –
  • •   PE80 and PE100
  • •   Wheelie bins – Production waste or end of life
  • •   Beer/ Food Crates – All types taken including crates with handles and labels
  • •   PP/HDPE Buckets – These must be clean or washed
  • •   Caps and closures – Single, two and three piece caps
  • •   Extrusion sheet scrap –  skeletal waste and trims, roll stock
  • •   Media scrap – CD’s and DVD’s loose or in cases
  • •   Point of sale displays – Off cuts of PC or PMMA
  • •   Automotive/ Car waste – Car bumpers, panels, handles and
  • light lenses
  • HDPE Drums/ IBC’s
  • PS  Coat Hangers/ PS flower trays
  • ABS Welding Reels/ TV Cases/ Car Hubs and badges

Recycling Tip

By separating different plastics e.g. strapping, plastic film and hard plastics from each other, the materials are easier to recycle as their is less sorting. Separating plastics (polymers) makes the plastics more valuable

We provide plastic recycling services in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Plastic Film and bottles are collected in our lorries in baled and loose  form. The plastic is unloaded  at our Materials Recovery Facility.  It is then sorted and separated into ten different grades of plastic depending on the polymer and the quality of the material. It is then baled. Afterwards plastic is then

  • Shredded
  • Washed
  • Melted
  • Pelletised

Plastic products made from recycled plastic include bin liners and carrier bags and then flower pots.

We have recently invested a state of the art mixed plastics recycling facility to enable Envirogreen Recycling to recycle and reprocess plastics that were previously  destined for landfill. We separate the various polymers using advanced plastics separation equipment.

Our  sophiscated polymer recycling, reprocessing and recovery process enables produce a high quality plastic pellet that is used to manufacture new plastic items.

Our polymer recovery and recycling processes is helping both the Irish and Northern Ireland governments meet the stringent EU recycling and recovery targets.

HDPE recycled pellets

Polypropylene Regrind

Plastic Recycling Innovation