August 15, 2011

Clean Up at Strangford a Roaring Success

Image of Strangford Lough Clean Up Operation

Despite the abysmal weather during the earlier part of the day we had a great turnout and a fun day had by all cleaning up Strangford Lough.

We uncovered and collected a lot sweet wrappers and other food packaging film that was caught up among the weeds. These types of plastics are mistaken by turtles as Jelly fish and end up killing the turtles.

In total, we had 19 people turn up on the day. Throughout the day, we collected 34 bags of litter, 3 oil barrels, 3 car tyres, 1 road sign, 1 piece of furniture and a few planks and fence posts.  A large proportion of the litter was recyclable.

We hope even more of you can join us for the next clean up daysImage of cleanup at Strangford Lough undertaken by Envirogreen

Image of Strangford Lough Clean Up Operation

Volunteers at the Lough cleaning up the prestigous site