July 27, 2010

Recycling is the way forward


Envirogreen Recycling is an innovative recycling company that is now located in Western Business Park, Coalisland. The company expects to create up to 12 new jobs over the course of the next year. Envirogreen Recycling purchases baled cardboard, plastic, metal and glass at top prices and provides recycling services to commercial clients throughout Ireland.

The Envirogreen Recycling team is made up of highly talented individuals with years of industry knowledge, striving towards a common goal of delivering a highly efficient eco-friendly recycling service to clients.

Envirogreen Recycling was incorporated in August 2009 by Conor Guy with the support of his family.  Mr. Guy saw a gap in the recycling sector for a reliable and efficient recycling company,  “ The recycling sector, was  in need of a major shakeup, that is why I set up Envirogreen Recycling.

The company has gone from strength to strength with its’ commitment to delivering an excellent service to customers. The firm is steadily increasing its’ client portfolio and Envirogreen Recycling is in the process of developing a new innovative website, whereby customers will be able to view recycling reports and targets at anytime.

At their new facility in Coalisland, everyone will be able to bring their cardboard and clean plastic and get paid for it, a initiative Mr. Guy believes “will encourage more recycling and will ultimately protect the environment”.

Mr. Guy also noted that he is delighted to be given the opportunity to work with other business in the Coalisland and Dungannon area. “We are working closely, with local companies and reducing their waste costs, it is an exciting time for everyone. We are also extremely looking forward to working with Martin McCloskey and learning from his vast business expertise.

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