June 7, 2011

The Apprentice and Lord Sugar Goes Green

Image of the panel of the apprentice

At Envirogreen Recycling we are constanly working with our customers to recover as much recyclables as possible to generate additional revenue and reduce waste costs. It now appears Lord Sugar and his aides are now challenging the apprentices to do the same, by salavaging as much as they can when they are set the task of setting up their own “junk collection businesses”.

Image of the panel of the apprentice

This weeks episode will see the trainees come be pitted against “tough cockney scrap” merchants that are playing hard ball with the teams. The teams must find the hidden gems within the waste and dispose of the remaind as cheaply as possibly.

“Lord Sugar loves this type of task and in the boardroom he picks over the results with relish. The numbers prove almost too close to call, but one team stumbles and there is nothing for it but to find someone to carry the can, then it’s – ‘You’re fired!’

Certainly one to watch on BBC One, Wednesday June 8 at 9pm.