May 19, 2010

Turning Waste Into Money

Envirogreen Recycling is urging Irish companies to re -evaluate their waste costs.

Co. Armagh based firm Envirogreen Recycling is urging Irish companies to re -evaluate their waste costs in an effort to reduce their outgoings and remain competitive in these difficult times. Envirogreen Recycling recently undertook a survey with over a 100 small, medium and large enterprises throughout Ireland. The results make for some interesting reading. Their survey found that nearly 35% of companies in Ireland were paying significant waste disposal costs with skips and bins, even though the materials contained with these receptacles such as cardboard and plastic were of considerable monetary value.

Envirogreen Recycling’s MD Conor Guy stated that Irish firms are not being made aware of the value of their recyclables by the waste companies as they would prefer their customers to pay for expensive skips and bins, well, in actual fact the waste company should be paying their customers for the materials.

Operations Manager Mark Sheridan has asked Irish companies to contact recyclers such as Envirogreen Recycling to substantially reduce their waste costs. “We provide a free waste analysis for every new client that contacts us. The client usually finds it remarkable how much they save on their waste costs by selling their recyclables to us, rather than paying to get rid of them”.

Envirogreen Recycling is fast becoming a major player in the Irish Recycling sector due to its excellent service delivery and top prices being paid for waste materials. The company recently teamed up with National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP) in an effort to address the current exorbitant waste costs local firms are currently paying. NISP will recommend Envirogreen Recycling to Northern Irish companies, if they have materials for recycling.

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