Have Recyclables, but have no Baler, Not a problem.

We have partnered with the best equipment providers to get you a suitable baler at the right price

We leave no stone unturned in our objective of providing the most customer focussed service available to you.

Whatever help you may need to implement any of the suggested improvement plans or recommendations we may offer or you may want to introduce yourself, we are here.

We can use our knowledge of the vast array of internal bins and receptacles available to help you make the right choice.

Why Bale Your Recyclables

The sale of recyclables is based on weight (tonnes). To achieve the maximum value for your recyclables and reduce transportation costs it is necessary to bale them. In most cases, the higher the payload the better the rebate.

Our industry partners provide a wide range of balers and other equipment to suit your needs. Click on the corresponding supplier to contact them directly for a quote

If you are not sure about the equipment required, our recycling experts and partners are there to help.

* We are able to accept certain materials loose, please see the Materials We Buy section for more info. Generally, for loose recyclables, we require the supplier to deliver or pay the transportation costs.

Rent a Baler for as little as €20 per week.

Are you an SME looking to save costs and don’t want to tie up capital,  why not rent a baler instead.