Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR)

Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) is a practical, convenient yet effective option that can maximise the range of different wastes you generate being recovered for recycling.

Our initial consultations and ongoing support will establish what suitable materials you have across all business operations. The recyclable waste generated within an office tends to be different to what is produced within a production or manufacturing environment as does the volume and available space all of which will play an important role in tailoring your service.

This is why we have made it an important part of our service to provide face to face account management, full site audits and onsite waste consultancy on an going basis.

Lets Talk

Exactly what waste can go in to a Dry Mixed Recycling bin is often a source of confusion, as the range of materials accepted domestically changes from council to council, both in terms of the domestic bin collection service and what is available at local recycling centres.

There is also a lot of change happening globally with the receiving end destinations governments  introducing various policies that has a domino effect on where different materials can be sent.

So give us a call where we will be delighted to explain what is applicable and relevant to you and your business.