Food Waste

By segregating your food waste, you can reduce your environmental impact whilst ensuring you remain legislatively compliance and potentially reduce your overall waste costs.

Our initial site consultations will seek to establish how much food waste you produce.

If you produce food onsite and generate over 50kgs there is a strong likelihood you will need to segregate this to comply with regulations.

It is important to strike the right balance between cost efficiency and collection frequency as you won’t want the food lying for too long before it is collected.

The nature of your food and organic waste will determine whether composting or anaerobic digestion is more suitable.

Most food waste is sent for anaerobic digestion because in addition to being turned into a valuable resource to create a renewable energy, it is capable of accepting primary packaging.

In addition to regular scheduled collections, we also arrange for bulk clearances and ad hoc collections.

Lets Talk

Don’t forget your Waste Hierarchy when you give us a call, it may even be possible to source a free of charge re-use solution for your food waste providing it meets certain criteria.