Waste Consultancy

As part of our commitment to excellent customer service, Envirogreen provides a Free Waste Audit to all new clients in an effort to cut waste costs.

More about our Waste Consultancy

Our Envirogreen Team has over 30 years of industry knowledge.

Waste companies don’t want you to know the value of your recyclables so they can charge for expensive bins and skips that are unnecessary.

Commercial Clients often tell our recycling experts, that their waste provider won’t advise on ways to recycle more. Why is that case, you ask? Simply, because waste companies have a conflict of interest. They won’t advise on savings that you can make that will hurt their profits.

At Envirogreen, as we are a Recycler and not a waste company, we have no such conflict. Our team is there to help you save on your waste. It is what we do.

Waste Consultancy Q & A

*Please note that dependant on the timescale required, staff training and the implementation of recycling systems can be chargeable. Our recycling experts will advise on this beforehand.

How are we able to do this?

Our recycling experts undertake detailed site audits to assess, advise and recommend which materials can be removed from the general waste stream and sold to us as a recyclable, therefore creating a dual saving and savings you lots of money!

New rebate for recyclable + Saving from keeping out of the General Waste = Dual Saving.

Can Envirogreen help with staff training?

We certainly can. In most instances, once we install our best practice recycling systems, it is hassle free for staff members to segregate recyclables easily and the process works very well.

However, we understand things dont always go to plan and staff members at times can be reluctant to change their ways. In those instances, we are there to help and can provide as much training as necessary*

What Savings can we expect to make?

The savings that can be made can vary from company to company dependant on size, volume and type of recyclables. Typically they can be in the region of £/€13,000 per annum.


We recommend best practices to handle and recycle waste materials, an initiative proved to be financially and environmentally advantageous whilst ensuring legislative compliance.