Envirogreen’s Re-Use Programme Empowers Norso Medical to Repurpose £60,000 of Medical Equipment

Envirogreen has demonstrated its commitment to responsible resource management by uniting a range of organisations to see £60,000 worth of medical equipment delivered to a hospital in Zimbabwe.

As part of its waste management and recycling service, Envirogreen operates a unique Re-Use Programme, which identified unusual business ‘wastes’ and sources innovative ways to deal with them.

Mallusk-based Norso Medical was brought together with Envirogreen, via an International Synergies’ Resource Matching Service after the medical supplies company identified a range of unused equipment in storage, including 4,000 (pulse oximeter) finger sensors, 2,000 blood pressure cuffs, and medical brackets.

Envirogreen’s expertise in sustainable recycling practices played a pivotal role in identifying the opportunity to repurpose this valuable medical equipment to prevent it from entering the waste stream.

Envirogreen contacted the Joy Foundation, a non-profit organisation with a mission to enhance healthcare access in underserved regions. Via the Joy Foundation’s network of contacts across the globe, a home was found for the equipment in a hospital in Zimbabwe, bringing much-needed medical support to a resource-challenged area.

This initiative highlights the power of collaboration, responsible resource management, and recycling best practices in making a meaningful difference in healthcare.