Materials Zero to landfill

Our Total Waste Management agenda is fully focussed on taking care of all your waste management needs in one place.

Materials we buy






Some Examples

  • Cardboard– Brown Card, Card Cores, Scanboard, Whiteboard
  • Paper– SOW, Office Paper, Shredded Paper
  • Polystyrene– White, briquetted polystyrene
  • Moulding scrap – Rejects, redundant packaging, over runs, colour changes and
  • Purgings/Purge – From colour and material changes
  • Utility pipe scrap – Gas, Water, Electric and drainage pipes -PE80 and PE100
  • Wheelie bins – Production waste or end of life
  • Beer/ Food Crates – All types taken including crates with handles and labels
  • PP/HDPE Buckets – Clean and washed
  • Caps and closures – Single, two and three piece caps
  • Extrusion sheet scrap –  skeletal waste and trims, roll stock
  • HDPE Drums/ IBC’s

Plastic Recycling Services

By separating different plastics e.g. strapping, plastic film and hard plastics from each other, the materials are easier to recycle as there is less sorting, reducing processing costs and making the material a more valuable commodity.

We provide plastic recycling services in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Plastic Film and bottles are collected in our lorries in baled or bulked form. The plastic is unloaded at our Materials Recovery Facilities.  It is then sorted and separated into a wide range of different grades of plastic depending on the polymer and the quality of the material. It is then baled. Afterwards plastic is then

  • Shredded
  • Washed
  • Melted
  • Pelletised

Plastic products made from recycled plastic include bin liners and carrier bags and then flower pots.

We have recently invested a state of the art mixed plastics recycling facility to enable Envirogreen  to recycle and reprocess plastics some which were previously destined for landfill.

Our sophisticated polymer recycling, reprocessing and recovery process enables produce a high quality plastic pellet that is used to manufacture new plastic items.

Our polymer recovery and recycling processes are helping both the Irish and Northern Irish governments meet the stringent EU recycling and recovery targets.

Plastic Recycling Services provided in all major cities, Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Belfast, Derry

We recycle a wide range of Paper and Cardboard.

Envirogreen has established collection routes throughout Ireland giving us the capability to collect baled paper or baled cardboard in both dedicated and shared loads.

Many businesses are told by their existing supplier they need to bulk up their material until they have a full curtain sider load before it is collected, which can place a significant burden on them as space can often be at a premium. It also means if the material sits outside for too long, by the time it is collected it has lost its value due to becoming too wet.

Please get in contact with us, no matter where your business is located and we will try to find a workable solution for both parties
that seeks the best balance between site location, internal or external space available, volume produced and maintaining quality.


OCC Cardboard is the highest volume item produced of all packaging types. It is actually increasing in its uses as businesses seek to move away from its uses of Plastics and cardboard is so versatile can carry out the same purpose.

We buy cardboard from businesses, waste companies and waste brokers from all over Ireland and UK. Even if you believe you are already receiving a good price for your cardboard, please get in touch as we may be able to offer you more. We track the market and sale price of cardboard on a continual basis meaning when the price of cardboard goes up, so does your rebate – proactively and automatically. You don’t need to chase us.

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Baled Paper

We collect and process all forms of paper.
If you have enough material you can bulk up and bale the specific grade of paper you produce, we can pay you a premium rebate for this.

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Cardboard Cores

Cardboard Cores is a notoriously difficult material to process and quite often ends up in landfill as a result.

We have an established recycling solution for card cores!

Unlike normal OCC Cardboard Packaging, it is comprised of many layers of fibre which are glued together to give it its incredible strength. The logistics and recycling process is also therefore very different;

> It is considered as a contaminant if it is baled within normal OCC cardboard because it is incompatible with the recycling process in the same way non fibres or cardboard such as plastics are.
> It can not be baled or compressed to squeeze the air out and increase the density of the material before collecting or shipping.
> Before being turned in to a mulch, it needs to be shredded in to small pieces and undergo a process that removes the glue first.
> As this tends to reduce its value compared to standard OCC Cardboard, these challenges are often falsely perceived as too difficult and they end up in landfill.

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Clear Plastic Film may be your most valuable recyclable commodity. Do not lose out on being paid the ultimate premium by degrading its potential sale value.

Our onsite account management and consultancy services can help you maximise the value you receive by spending time on site reviewing existing practises and making tangible recommendations to consistently produce the highest rebates achievable.

There are a variety of different grades we buy which are categorised based on the level of purity and contaminants present within each bale. Businesses often lose out on a substantial difference because of either a lack of education and feedback from their existing service provider or due to internal challenges such as segregating different colours effectively internally and / or staffing issues.

  • Clear film bales
  • Coloured film
  • Mixed film
  • Reels

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Hard Plastics / Rigid Plastics is perhaps the most misunderstood material any business produces.

In fact it is so complex and misunderstood many waste companies choose not to process or attempt to recycle it.

This means as a hard plastic producer you may have been previously advised the material can not be recycled (because they do not); the wrong materials are mixed together, devaluing its potential value; it goes out with general waste and sent for landfill.

Our Recycling Experts are happy to talk or walk you through the process identifying what materials you have and devising a plan with you to try and maximise its value and lower your costs.


PP Crates are used as Storage Boxes and has a wide variety of uses. The Retail Industry in particular, shops and supermarkets use and re-use their PP Crates for products such as bread and other bakery goods. Eventually and over time they can become broken or defective and need to be disposed of.

As this is a single stream polymer it has a value and if you produce enough to justify a baler can be a highly valuable commodity for you.

We can collect and recycle car bumpers across Ireland, including the following;
Complete car bumpers
Accident damaged car bumpers
Side skirts
Wheel arch liners

Plastics form a significant amount of the automotive industries waste. It can be complex as many parts can be made from different polymers including composite (mixed) items which make it more difficult to recycle. Other contaminants such as dirt and metals can create the perception recycling is too challenging.

This doesn’t need to be the case. Our Recycling Experts are on hand to talk you through the process and try to find ways or ensuring this waste can be recycled and if it is possible to be baled and bulked up creating enough value for us to pay you for.

HDPE is the grade of plastic used to make Milk Bottles. Dairy Purge comes out of dairy bottling facilities who blow their own milk bottles pre-consumer (before the product reaches the shelf). The rejects can be baled to bulk up and increase volume and therefore value.

HDPE Milk Bottles (Post Consumer) is also a valuable material if it can be bulked up before collection / delivery.

Many offices use water cooler dispensers to provide cold and refreshing water for its staff or customers. The bottles are often single use bottles and after they have been exchanged on site need to be disposed of.

We can help provide the solutions required to ensure these are both recycled within a circular economy returning back in to industry as another PET Bottle and if you are able to bulk onsite provide you with a value at the same time.

PP Purge because of its density and solid formation can be stored in pallet boxes which creates enough weight they can be collected as is and be paid a rebate for meaning there is very little operational hassle in doing so.

PP Crates are used as Storage Boxes and has a wide variety of uses. The Retail Industry in particular, shops and supermarkets use and re-use their PP Crates for products such as bread and other bakery goods. Eventually and over time they can become broken or defective and need to be disposed of.

As this is a single stream polymer it has a value and as they are stackable means they can be collected on pallets.

Many of the Food based ingredients used within the products we buy are delivered to the manufacturer in a PP bucket (most often but not necessarily white). As Food manufacturers are high volume facilities and PP buckets usually only go up to 25ltr in size and capacity, a lot of them can be produced and end up being a single use item.

Again if you produce a high volume of PP Buckets get in touch so we can discuss how to maximise its value and / or reduce your costs.

A preform is the product and shape PET Bottles are initially manufactured in. Their reduced size substantially improves the efficiency of the logistics between manufacturer and bottler. The bottler blows the preform in to the size and shape of PET bottle we as consumers buy from the shop shelves.

As it has a greater density of PET material and is Pre-Consumer its purity is also significantly better which therefore increases its value. If you produce PET preforms we would like to hear from you so we can discuss ways of maximising the value you receive for these.

PET, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate, is a form of polyester (just like the clothing fabric). Initially its predominant use was by largely being extruded or molded from preforms into plastic bottles.

With so many thousands of PET bottles being consumed by literally every consumer on a daily basis this is one of the materials which really should never find its way into landfills, yet it does.

a PET Bottle is also incredibly versatile in to its ‘next life’ uses and whilst it can be infinitely be recycled back in to another PET bottle, it is now being recycled in to containers for packaging foods and beverages as well as personal care products and many other consumer products.

Most clothing lines now are being manufactured using recycled PET bottles – there are lines of leading Professional Soccer Kit manufacturers who incorporate 8 recycled PET bottles in to each Jersey it makes.

Envirogreen can help you create another Closed Loop solution for your PET bottles, which if baled is something we can buy from you.

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Envirogreen manages over 90 different grades and products of plastics   

There are so many different types and composition of plastic polymers and products it is easy to get confused. The differences with what plastic products you can recycle at home varying from council to council doesn’t help.

Quite often people understandably adopt the ‘when in doubt play it safe’ approach and potentially recyclable plastics end up in general wastes.

We can help.

Some more examples include;

  • PVC doorskins
  • HDPE bottles
  • Polystyrene Briquettes
  • PP big bags
  • PP corrieboard corex

If you have a query, get in touch and we will try and find the best answer for you.

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